Glider Nua

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The new Irish design three-wheeled scooter The Y Glider NUA is our new high level scooter. Irish designed, with child safety first in mind, this beautiful three-wheeled kid scooter comes fully loaded with a whole new smooth curved design, with no visible bolt apparent and extra new features! The extra wide LED front wheels gives the Y Glider NUA scooter an amazing bright look and is perfect to ensure better visibility on the streets. The double extra wide rear wheel offers a better stability thanks to the wide brake, that allows blind brakings, that are more intuitive and safer for kids. The wider deck and steering feature allow your child to put their two feet and is finished in high grip rubber to give them a comfy ride and allow them to gain more confidence as they learn. The arc-folding handlebar and lightweight design make it easy to store and extremely portable. The scooter also comes with an accessory slot for wall hanging, to keep the Y Glider NUA up off the ground, making i