Pink Yvelo Senior 2.0

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Yvolution™ Y-Velo Senior Balance Bike, Pink. Nice set of wheels! Perfect for budding young riders, the Y Velo 12” helps kids to quickly master balance, coordination and motor skills before trading up to their first pedal bike. The Y Velo is the safest way of getting to grips with life in the fast lane! The Y Velo 12” is designed to improve balance skills before your child starts learning to ride. Balance takes time for children to develop, but balance bikes help prepare them early on, increase their confidence, and reduce the chance of falls. Studies show that a well-developed vestibular system (needed for balance) helps children learn coordination skills at a much younger age. By taking away the need to pedal, they can have fun getting around - and practice essential balance skills! Lightweight aluminium frame; Puncture-proof rubber wheels; Comfy saddle and frame geometry; Durable cartridge wheel bearings; High ground clearance for safety; Fork rake designed for better control. 3+.